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Shanghai purchase orders continue to tighten: non-Shanghai residence single person not allowed home buyers

Shanghai purchase orders continue to tighten, step by step to speed up the pace! Further to media reports "non-Shanghai people to pay social insurance buyers in the Shanghai real estate trading center will not be closing", the latest restriction of austerity and single non-Shanghai purchase intention.
yesterday, the loan immediately call the Shanghai real estate trading center in each district in order to verify, Huangpu, Jing an, Yangpu and Baoshan districts clear reply, single non-Shanghai residents cannot purchase. "Even though he had to pay for more than 1 year personal income tax paid certificate or proof of social security, was also unable to accept registrations. "Related work, they said.
from various parts of the consultation results, as of press time yesterday, the status of implementation has not yet spread to the city. , And the Pudong new area, PuTuo district, xuhui, changning district, as well as real estate transactions, such as the Centre continues in accordance with the rules of operation performed before.
by Shanghai ongoing implementation of the purchase order, which cannot be provided within 2 years in Shanghai today to pay 1 year personal income tax paid certificate or social security (urban social insurance) pay non-Shanghai residents will prove family, suspended in Shanghai to its sale. At present, the Shanghai region on the implementation of the policy tightening, regardless of whether there is proof of payment of taxes or social security are single people, are unable to purchase in Shanghai.